A Tribute to Two Special Doggos

Dog with sunglasses and a cape

GCHE Honors the Memory of DUCHESS our "Gentle Giant"

Duchess the great DaneDuchess’ personality wowed many school-aged children. When she visited classrooms and summer camps, she gave kids a uniquely special, hands-on experience with a big, lovable canine. In doing so, she was the ideal advocate for the ethical treatment of animals—always with kindness and compassion. She was also a “top dog” model for PALS’ (Pets Are Loving Support) fashion show, Dogs on the Catwalk. Class with DuchessDuchess, in fact, has participated in numerous fundraising events that benefit animal causes, and she spread her message of kindness to animals wherever she went. When she was not “working”, her favorite pastime was chasing and jumping for her ball. Before she passed on, Duchess, the seven-year-old Great Dane Ambassador for the Georgia Center for Humane Education, added another title to her resume: Pet of the Month for VCA Buckhead Animal Clinic. Duchess was rescued from the Atlanta Humane Society by GCHE co-founder, Judy Landey.

GCHE remembers Cuinn, the Pit Bull that turned hearts around at Kennedy Middle School

Cuinn with ownerGCHE teachers were fortunate to partner with The Humane Society of the United States, and teach "Canines & Communities", a curriculum that included Dog Fighting prevention, and Pet Safety & Responsibility. The "Star" of our program was Cuinn, a beautiful and sweet Pit Bull terrier that belonged to volunteer Dee Dee Davis. class with CuinnWhen Cuinn first came to Kennedy, teachers, staff and students were initially scared, based on their prior beliefs about Pit Bulls. By the second visit, they were asking "Can I pet that sweet dog?" Cuinnie had a gentle spirit, and was a wonderful ambassador for his breed. He passed away from health problems, but we will never forget his contribution to Humane Education.