Strengthening the Human-Animal Bond with Communication

A man talks to a dog

Wait, you’re thinking… what? My pet can talk? According to a multitude of human/animal users – yes, indeed!

The animal-human bond is complex, deep and opens doors to new experiences and surprises. One such surprise is the ability to teach your pet to talk. Using specialized buttons to create words and phrases, users work with their pets to learn how to communicate their thoughts and feelings. The company at the forefront of this, FluentPet, creates button kits for humans and their animal companions (cats and dogs, mostly) to learn vocabulary words and phrases.

If you’re scratching your head about now, it’s best to watch the video and meet Bunny, the talking sheepadoodle!

Follow Bunny and her human on Instagram at @whataboutbunny

And for an exclusive interview with Bunny’s human, visit FluentPet’s article “New Beginnings in 2022 – an Exclusive with Alexis Devine (@whataboutbunny).

If you’re thinking only dogs could learn these tools take a look at what this cat can do.

And then there’s Stella…

Pretty amazing. The human-animal bond takes quite an interesting leap forward.