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Georgia Center for Humane Education presents Careers to Help Animals

This curriculum was created by Georgia Center for Humane Education. This presentation has several goals:

  • Reinforce the value of helping animals throughout the students’ lives.
  • Validate various career choices that students are inclined towards and demonstrate that they can help animals through different jobs (see below).
  • Provide resources for those that choose to go into traditional animal care roles, i.e. veterinarian.

The nature of the class will vary based on students’ ages and participation levels.

Instructors must be flexible, and willing to respond to a variety of student questions.

If the instructor can not answer a question, just say: “That’s a great question! Let me do some research and I will email the information to your teacher.” (Be sure to follow up with the teacher).

Here are some discussion starters for the class:

  • How many of you care about animals and want to help them?
  • How many of you already have an idea of the profession that you are going to pursue? (It is likely that you may follow several other speakers that sparked students’ interest on Career Day. Allow as many responses as time permits. Adjust language for younger students, if needed)
  • Do you know how your career choice could help animals? Examples:
    • TEACHER: teach your students about animal issues, give research assignments about animal issues, and help your students form an animal protection club.
    • LAWYER: Be a lawyer that protects animals and/or helps people with issues concerning their pets.
    • SPORTS/MUSIC STAR (very popular): Set a good example about kindness to animals for your fans. Volunteer to make public service announcements about animal issues and ask your fans to help the cause.
    • SCIENTIST: Develop cures for animal diseases; Discover ways to replace animals in medical and cosmetic research.
    • ENGINEER (show sun shield).
    • GRAPHIC ARTIST: Create media to help animals (Show Poster & discuss).
    • WRITER/PHOTOGRAPHER: Use your talent to highlight the beauty of animals and how we can protect them.
    • OTHER PROFESSIONS: Be creative!

Traditional Careers with Animals:

~Wildlife Biologist
~Pet Groomer
~Veterinary Technician
~Animal Shelter Manager

Discuss these career paths and how to pursue them. For more information about Careers with Animals: