A man talks to a dog

Strengthening the Human-Animal Bond with Communication

Wait, you’re thinking… what? My pet can talk? According to a multitude of human/animal users – yes, indeed! The animal-human bond is complex, deep and opens doors to new experiences and surprises. One such surprise is the ability to teach your pet to talk. Using specialized buttons to create words and phrases, users work with ….  Read More

Great Pyrenees - livestock guardian dog

The Georgia Safe Outdoor Dog Act is Introduced

The Georgia Safe Outdoor Dog Act, HB1450, has been introduced in the GA General Assembly. This bill is dedicated to the rescue staff and volunteers who work tirelessly to care for neglected dogs in Georgia. This legislation improves, expands, and clarifies the minimum standards for dogs who live outdoors. You can find the original version ….  Read More

A group of people pose and pet a dog

Hamlet the Therapy Dog

Hamlet rolls onto his back, legs up and eyes half-closed. Girls ranging in age 13-18 surround him on the floor. They giggle and murmur things to him, that he’s a good boy, and run their fingers through his thick fur.

A boy reads a book about fish

Selected Books and Articles

Articles about animal welfare and other things of interest. Stay tuned as we and check back for additions.